Victor Maia, PhD

Head of Data At Principia
Principal Data Scientist (PDS™, DASCA)

About Me

As an executive manager and entrepreneur with over ten years of experience in business analysis and leadership, I have developed a broad knowledge of data science and its applications across a range of industries. My multidisciplinary background spans the sectors of education, auditing, and banking, both in the government and private sectors, providing me with a unique perspective on the challenges facing businesses today. Through my professional accomplishments, I have demonstrated an ability to interface effectively with marketing, general management, and finance teams, delivering results that drive growth and profitability. Additionally, I have conceptualized and developed a proprietary AI model that optimizes students' learning processes, which was later incorporated into a startup business focused on helping applicants succeed on standardized tests and entrance exams. I am passionate about using my skills and experience to help businesses succeed in today's dynamic and rapidly evolving market.


We offer customized data science solutions to help our customers extract value from their data and make informed decisions.

  • Predictive Analytics
  • Financial Modeling
  • Data Mining
  • Mathematical Modeling
  • Marketing Analysis
  • Business Inteligence

With a wide range of data science solutions, we are ready to help our customers extract valuable insights from their data and drive their business success.


I have industry-recognized certifications, ensuring that I'm always up to date with industry trends and new technologies.

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